Saturday, 10 August 2013

Subject This Semester

After last semester break, I continue with semester three in the same class with no repeat paper. Same as last semester ,  I need to learn about seven subject includes BEL 311, TPT 252, ECO 211, MGT 269, QMT 181, CTU 241, and HBU 229 in this semester. Actually, when you needed to learned more subject it can be easier for you to score for the examination result. This is because, you will get more total credit hours that can increase yours Grade Point Average (GPA).But, remember that you also need to study hard and get more preparation to sit on the examination.

 One of the subjects that I need to learn in this semester is BEL 311 that is stands for English for Academic Purpose. This subject contains three credit hours means that I have three days in one week for learning from the lecturer. My lecturer’s name is Mr.Izuan B. Ismail and he is a patient person especially when teaching us. This subject contain assessment include term paper 30 per cent which is including outline 5 per cent, first draft which is 10 per cent and another 15 per cent for final draft. Then, it is required 20 per cent for discussion,  10 per cent for online assessment. Thus, for final examination is 40 per cent. For me, this subject give me a challenges to learn especially I am not good in English subject. So, I hope I can do better in learning this subject with the help from my lecturer and friends.

Next subject is Principles and Practice in Transport (TPT 252) with three credit hours. The lecturer’s name that teaches this subject is Leftenan Colonel Mohd Ramzi Bin Mohd Nor. He have this special names caused by his experiences in military service. The assessment includes two test that for each one  is 10 per cent, quizzes 5 per cent, individual and group presentations is 15 per cent and the last one is 40 per cent for the final examination. Transport subject is one of the most important subject among another subject that I have taken because of this subject is the main subject. My impression on this subject is I want to learn it hardly so that I can score for this subject in the examination as long as give me knowledge on this subject for my work soon.

Besides that, I take Macroeconomics (ECO 211) subject in this semester with three credit hours. Pn.Diana Bt.Mazan is the lecturer who teaches this subject in my class. The ongoing assessment includes test 1 and test 2 with both total 20 per cent, quizzes 10 per cent, assignment 10 per cent, and final examination is 60 per cent. Macroeconomics is about the economy, social science study and sometimes it is complicated to understand. Likes other subject needed to be scored, this subject also needs to be scored so that I can get high pointer in the examination. In sha Allah….

MGT 269 or Business Communication is another one subject that I have learned in this semester with three credit hours. These subjects give us more knowledge on how to communicate with each other and use the variety technique in communication. This is the special one subject because of I have two lecturers that one of them for mess lecturer and the other one is for tutorials class. Miss Fazlin Natasya Bt. Abdul Halim as the tutorials lecturer. Besides that, there were no test and quizzes for us to test. But, it has 60 per cent for assignment marks. Another 40 per cent is for the final examination. As I have learned business communication subject, it may help me to improve my daily communication especially when I become an entrepreneur one day hopefully.

Next, we go to the calculating subject (QMT 181) Introduction to Statistics with three credit hours. The lecturer’s name is Puan Norani Amit and she is a kindly person and very slow talk in the class. This course assessment includes test 1 and test 2 which is each one is 15 per cent marks, quizzes 5 per cent, assignment 5 per cent and 40 per cent for the final examination. I hope this subject is more easier to score as it’s more using the formula to answer the question.

 Furthermore, Fundamentals of Islamic Economic (CTU 241) is the religion subject with three credit hours and the lecturers name is Ustazah Siti Aishah Bt.Sokhibul. The ongoing assessments are test 15 per cent, assignment 15 per cent, and presentation 20 per cent and final exam is 50 per cent. In this subject the ongoing assessment is 50 per cent and another 50 per cent for final examination soon. For me, Fundamentals of Islamic Economics gives me out of challenges as it is not like other Islamic subject that I have learned before. It’s includes a lot of commentary in every topic so that I need to be careful while answers the question.

 Lastly is the (HBU 229) or Peer Counseling subject with one credit hours and it is fully 100 per cent continuous tests. Cik Wan Nuradila is the lecturer who teaches this subject and she is also a counselor in the UiTM, Segamat Johor. She is very patient person and always give advises to their students when faced with problems. I hope with this subject knowledge I can applied it in my reality life as I can help my friends who had a problems or anyone who seek the counseling.

 In this third semester, I hope to implement good learning and achieving excellent results in examinations for future employment later. See you guys in the next topic. Bye…Assalamualaikum….

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Myself

          Hello my dear reader, my name is Nurul Hidayah Binti Johari and I am nineteen years old. My parents had given this name because of they were love with this name as well as the meaning of ‘direction’. I also love with have this name. Actually, I was born on 27 August 1994 in Hospital Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. After that, my families move to Rawang, Selangor. My father’s name is Johari Bin Ali and he is a laborer. He is a very kind person that always showing his patient when faced with family problems. For me, I love my father so much until forever and I will never hurt him. Next, turn to my mother's name is Zahariah Binti Sulaiman. She is a housewife and she could be a strict person strict when it comes to managing our family. In addition, I have an elder sister and elder brother whose ages are between twenty and twenty-one years old. So, they  are just five people in my family. However, I am still happy with this small family as we all loving and respect each other’s.

My primary school's name is Sekolah Kebangsaan Rawang from Year 1 until Year 6. Then, I continue study in secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rawang. Started from Form 1 until Form 5 I was a librarian and I get five best friends at there. My SPM results have give me the chance to continue studying in the IPTA and I get the course of Diploma In Business Study Transport in University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Segamat, Johor. I felt excited for the first time enter into the new life with no family around me and just friends, see the lecturer and take care oneself. First time, I felt stress, down and homesick until my senior give advice to continue my study smoothly. By that, I get more experiences and learning while studied and stayed in college.

At home, I always help my mother in cooking. I would like to cook the simple recipe that I have learned from my mother. For the information, she is the best chef among my family members. One of the recipies is 'sambal ikan bilis'. If I have a free time such as semester break I will see my old friends while in the secondary school. All my friends are now enrolled in different courses in difference colleges. Sometimes, we are sharing our experiences in college or university and exchange the story with each other. In to reduce stress, I would get the novel or magazines to read or whether do some recreation activities like watching television and jogging. (I need to get the simple lifestyle so that it would not make me some headache). Sometimes, my neighbors never seen me since I back home and until one day they see me and ask me when I get back home? That is me! I would not like to hangout if there is no important things that needs me to go.
            Next, I would like to tell about my ambitions that I really do not know how to decide especially when it's come out in various parts. Actually, in primary school I decide to be a doctor or nurse. Since my UPSR results are not good enough, I have to forget my ambition. So, I continue in accounting courses while in secondary schools. The same goes for result continue study in IPTA that give me the Diploma in Business Study (Transportation) that I have never think about it before this. However, I believe that one of the day or in the future that I want to be an entrepreneur. So, started from now I need to work hard and move on forward.

            Last but not least, all my friends called me as the strict person and easily to help others people. For me, I am a person that very strict on the behaviors such as understanding in each other, respecting and no selfish. Whoever you are, whether you are old or young people, senior or junior and had high or low position in this world, still you need to respects in each others.